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McCarthys _ Web + Branding Case Study

McCarthys _ Web + Branding Case Study


Bespoke + Beautiful

McCarthy's Jewellery are a family run business based in the West of Ireland. Founded 25 years ago by Peter McCarthy whose love of design and entrepreneurial spirit led him to open several jewellery stores in Mayo and Galway. The company is now run by his four daughters Dee, Kate, Sarah and Pia. They stock beautiful contemporary jewellery by Irish and European designers and always try to offer something different. They also hand pick each and every piece and always strive to stock designs no one else has.

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Design Challenge

The owners needed a brand new online e-commerce presence. They also wanted a brand refresh - something to reflect their ethos and beliefs. 

The logo had to reflect the rugged West of Ireland landscape, Irish culture and history in addition to the client’s specific design ethos. It also had to appeal to a thriving tourist market without coming across as β€˜twee’.

The website had to reflect the simplicity of the logo design and the artistic tastes of the store owners. It also had to be mobile friendly and have a simple to use store with simple cart functionality.

Idea generation and platform selection

We gathered the whole team and discussed at length various different options - taking into consideration flexibility, the different applications and any other possible pitfalls. We sketched, created mood boards, researched on and offline. We researched Connemara flora and fauna, Irish history, Galway history and folklore and we spoke to the girls a lot. They knew what they liked and what they didn't like.

The choice of platform for this project was easy - we used Squarespace. A beautiful, easily managed, bulletproof store solution that is simple, stylish and very, very robust.

Based on all of the considerations above we whittled it down to our two favourite logo options and presented them to our client. We also presented them with two web platform options (the other one being Wordpress) - and urged them to choose Squarespace.

Winning Solution

The winning logo design is a simple hand drawn local flower from Connemara. Simple, timeless typography was added for the lettering. The logo is simple, flexible and effective at any scale.

The website design reflects the same simplicity and uses highly stylised banner imagery to reflect the rugged landscape of County Galway in Ireland. Mystical, romantic and barren are just some of the thoughts that might race through your head on this website.

McCarthy Jewellers Bad Dog e Commerce Website



Drawing the logo by hand and then creating the vector finished art was time consuming and care had to be taken not to get too detailed where it might not function well at small scale.

The website challenge was to keep the mysticism without becoming too sparse and possibly cold.

We sketched, drew, illustrated and simplified a lot. We created a mini brand book to go with the final logo design
We created many mock ups before we hit the right layout. Product photos were taken with great care too as consistency was crucial. Typography was carefully chosen to reflect the brand guidelines which we also created along with the logo

The Outcome

The McCarthy girls were over the moon and inform us their customers are responding positively too.

The overall feeling was that the design ideology of the McCarthys was truly and honestly represented in the logo and the website design and that functionality didn't have to take a back seat to the design. Online sales are steadily increasing and the client is already seeing a return on their investment