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Irish Socksciety e-Commerce Site

Our friends at Irish Socksciety had a great idea to have a bit of 'Irish fun' with something everybody needs - socks. The guys created great quality socks and added Irish wit to them... nice. To get them out to the rest of the world we built an e-commerce solution in WordPress and added a custom subscription  function so you can get them regularly or at specific times of the year.

Wordpress customisation

• Combining a custom subscription based e-commerce platform with a conventional shopping cart.

• Designing a customisable gift card/voucher system

• Streamlining the e-commerce solution to become a high performance platform suited to high volumes of traffic and sales

Visit the website →

Even Leo Wears Them

Even Leo Wears Them

Leo Varadkar is a big fan of Irish Socksciety.. and rightly so.

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Irish Sockciety by Julia Dunin Photography (61 of 411).jpg
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