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Galway City Museum _ Website Case Study

Galway City Museum _ Website Case Study

Galway GAA at Galway Museum

Getting A Whole Museum Online

Its no easy task no matter how you look at it. And it wasn't easy - but we were up for it and the team at the museum were with us every step of the way.



The biggest challenge for this project was the sheer amount of information we needed to get across - and the emotion. The team at the museum wanted the website visitor to feel as if they were in the physical building and to be inspired by what they encountered online. We wanted to cater to people who might never get to visit the City Of Tribes - give them a sense of this great place and its colourful history.


The choice of platform for this project was Wordpress. With a lot of flexibility necessary and a large number of end 'admin users', to cater for this was our best option - the client agreed. The platform caters for a huge amount of content (and content types), its easily edited and added to, its easily maintained and flexible enough to cater for events plugins, language translators and a host of other functions.


With the website design we tried to keep things simple and relied heavily on (wonderful) imagery from the exhibitions in the museum itself. With such text heavy pages the challenge was to keep things uncomplicated and exciting at the same time. We used video and animations where possible too.


We spent a lot of time planning the content hierarchy and information architecture before we started building anything. Frequent meetings with the museum team in planning stages helped the whole process greatly.

Milestones and deadlines were set and the meetings, updates and revisions continued throughout the whole build. After the final draft was signed off training of museum staff was our last task before launch.

The Outcome

The site was officially launched at the Museum's 10 Year Anniversary celebrations by the Mayor of Galway. It has been very warmly received by all and traffic and interaction have both increased dramatically.

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