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3 Visual Marketing Trends for 2016

Bad Dog simple animated GIFs (drafts) for Eurostar Conferences whose next big adventure is in Stockholm in 2016.

Visual Marketing Has Become A Vital Part Of Content Marketing 

It’s been mooted for a few years now but 2016 looks like the year video and other motion based visual content really take off. By 2019 traffic to videos is predicted to increase by 64% compared to 2014 - that will be 80% of all internet traffic. (original piece Forbes Magazine). If you want your online presence to expand in 2016 don't ignore the motion! Three trend predictions:

1. Home Page Video, Branded Video and the power of Youtube

Home page video already made a big impression in 2015 and it will continue to do so in 2016. The likes of Paypal and Life of Pi are great examples of home page video. Video home pages are far more immersive and compelling for any visitor. Pictures are nicer than words and moving pictures are nicer than pictures... if you get my drift.

Branded video is video posted under a brand name and can vary from in-house promos, staff interviews to product promos or instructional video. YouTube has given every brand the power to broadcast to a huge market and get this… Youtube is the second biggest search engine on the planet after Google with more than four billion views per day.  

2. Animated GIFs and the fact that we can’t pay attention

The average person’s attention span in 2015 was 8.25 seconds. Thus, most social media users aren’t going to read an entire article; they simply want the basics. (Forbes Magazine).
As a direct result of this animated GIFs and short videos also increased in popularity in 2015. Animated GIFS are really short (lightweight - thus easily posted) animations. They are perfect if you want to tell a short story quick style. Stuff that moves will get your attention quicker - expect to witness increased use of animated GIFs in 2016. Some of  Twitter’s best-performing content in 2015 had a visual element - animated GIFs are right up there.

3. Real-Time Storytelling Via Live-Stream Social

Meerkat and Periscope (with 10 million users) brought us a brand new new social medium in 2015 with real-time storytelling or live-stream social. Basically users now can live stream interviews, product launches, presentations and more to their followers on these platforms. The possibilities are endless - one thing is certain... 2016 will be massive for live streaming. Even Facebook are introducing live streaming - more here.

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Paul Cotter