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Defining your business helps create a great brand which in turn informs great logo design

Defining your business and your brand is essential and not just because it informs your logo design. Three essential components of defining your business:

Understand what 'brand' means

Your brand is not just your logo - although your logo design is a vital part of your brand.

Brand is about meaning. It's the total of all experiences of your offering for all your potential audiences. Your brand is everything that anyone who encounters it thinks, feels, says, senses, reads, watches, tastes, smells and even dreams about your product or service. 

Brand is a complete set of meanings that potential customers can latch onto easily - your brand will help customers make easy decisions - provide them, (and yourself), with a clear picture of your offering. Your logo is part of your brand as customers see it. It should help transmit the emotions and values your company holds dear.

Define your strategy

Strategy is about decisions and single mindedness. 

Your business strategy describes where you want to go in the very the broadest terms, it is a description of your desired outcome. A great strategy will keep you away from distractions and will stop you making 'spur of the moment' unsound decisions. It will stop you chasing the next 'big thing' that is distracting you from your own mission - it will keep you and your business focussed.

When in doubt about your latest 'great opportunity' refer back to your carefully considered strategy and see whether they mesh or if they are a bad fit. Strategy is not about explaining how that destination is reached. That’s not strategy, that’s tactics

Rational intent is part of defining your strategy too. Write down and clarify where you’re planning to go with this enterprise of yours.

Define your true purpose

Find the real reasons why you do what you do. Why are you excited to go work

on this business? Excited to do something if your own, something different? What is the true purpose of this business? How are you different from the rest? Why should anyone care?

Create a business and a brand that suits the person you are: a brand which expresses everything about you Now clearly define it. 

All of these defining exercises help clarify your whole mission they also help inform great logo design. Bad Dog can help with that

Paul Cotter