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3 Reasons for Startups To Say Yes To Social Media

Social media allows businesses to connect with their target audience in more direct ways than ever before. If you want to talk to your audience you need to find them first - they're on social media. Opportunities abound.

Hanging out with the right people

In the ‘modern world’ startups don’t ‘talk to’ the target audience; they ‘talk with’ them. Social media allows a two-way interaction, generating valuable comments and feedback which are essential for growth and development. Brilliant for any business not just a startup. Startups can also contribute to other relevant social portals, aiming to become thought leaders in their respective fields. This makes for great content - and if done properly that content becomes 'authoritative content' - Google eats that stuff up, and this will help your sites rankings!


Money can’t buy you love… but content just might

Optimising a website or blog for social platforms by displaying social media links and share buttons on pages and posts ensures that visitors can easily share the content that most appeals to them. You create a relationship with the public through social media. They like your content - they like (and trust) you - that's step one in a long and beautiful relationship. It's a sure fire way to generate more visits to your own site and it won’t cost you a penny!

Its advertising Jim, but not as we know it

Any startup can advertise in a much more focused (targeted) manner on plenty of social media sites making the right people aware of it’s products or services. Social channels are ideal for building brand awareness too. By participating in group conversations and offering informed opinion on social channels a company can gain followers, trust and increase its online reputation. Many consider social media as important a lead generator as a user-friendly website. Its an indispensable marketing tool.

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Paul Cotter