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3 Things To Remember When Hiring a Logo Designer When You’ve Never Hired a Logo Designer Before

When you’re looking to hire a professional logo designer for the first time there are tons of common mistakes people make. Here are three we feel are important.

1. Your business defined

Before you even get to looking for a designer think about your business strategy, your business goals, the look and feel you want your business to have, your potential audience and how they might perceive your logo or brand. Define your business well for yourself first. Then pass this definition to your logo designer. Using graffiti fonts in a financial services logo just ‘aint gonna work, now is it?

Recent logo design for FlyCapture - aerial photography and video business using drone technology. See more Bad Dog logos.

2. Context

When a logo designer is designing a logo, icon or any other element, they need to ensure that it can be used across a wide range of media - both digital and analogue. Carefully consider context of use with your logo designer before hiring - they need to understand all uses and goals of the logo.

3. Originality

Plagiarism is well embarrassing when a design is ‘found out’. True, there is no such thing as original art - but a logo should hold its own and stand on its own two feet as an individual design. It is acceptable for a logo designer to gather inspiration and influences but copying other’s work directly is a complete no-no. Check your logo designer and his work out thoroughly to see if it looks and feels original.

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Paul Cotter